“You’re More than Just a Weightlifter” by Jacky Bigger, M.S.

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You’re More than Just a Weightlifter

You’re more than just a weightlifter. You’re a sister or brother, a daughter or son, a friend, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a wife or husband, an aunt or uncle, a niece or nephew. Maybe you’re a mom or dad, a coach, an artist, a teacher, a cashier, a small business owner, a nurse or a receptionist. Whatever you are, you’re more than just that. The point I’m trying to make is, no matter what you are, you cannot place your identity in just that one thing. You cannot place all your eggs in one basket, especially as a weightlifter! Because when things aren’t going so well in the gym, your life may begin to seem like it’s falling apart.

Your identity is not found in what you do, rather, it’s found in who you are. But who are you? You’re YOU. No matter what you do in life, no matter how much weight you can lift, how much money you make, no matter what kind of job you have, you’ll always be you and that’s enough! If you believe in God, like I do, you know that God created you. He made you in his image to be exactly what you need to be to fulfill His perfect and wonderful plan. You’re called to spread His love and joy. Which is something that you’ll be unable to do if your identity and self-worth is solely based on your own success. If you’re not a believer, I pray that one day you experience God’s love. Which brings me to my next point.

Weightlifting is about SO much more than just the weight on the barbell. It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers, to get caught up in trying to be the best, to get so far absorbed in yourself and your own progress. The other day Coach Travis said something along the lines of “I don’t care if you’ve won gold in the Olympics. If you didn’t love, inspire and help people along the way, you’ve done nothing”. The glories of being the best weightlifter don’t last forever, but the relationships you make, the people you love and lessons you learn through the sport do.

Weightlifting is about meeting awesome people who share the same passions you do. I’ve met the man I’m one day going to marry all because we both decided to pack our bags and move to Nowhere, NC to pursue our dreams of becoming the best weightlifters we can be. It’s about inspiring others to be strong and healthy. It’s about teaching little girls that they can do WHATEVER they put their minds to, and that they don’t have to conform to society and just be “pretty”. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my nieces doing push-ups and flexing their cute little muscles because they’re trying to be “strong like Aunt Jacky”.

Weightlifting is about learning hard work and dedication. It’s about learning grit and mental toughness. It’s about learning to push through the tough times. It’s about learning positive self-talk and confidence. It’s about learning to properly fuel your body. It’s these lessons that you can apply to all other areas in your life that make the sport of weightlifting so great.

I’m writing all this more for myself than anyone else. I need the reminder, so maybe some of you do as well. You’re more than just a weightlifter, and it’s about so much more than just the weight on the bar.

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