Will Pyrros Dimas Save American Weightlifting

Will Pyrros Dimas Save American Weightlifting

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend coaching at the Team USA World Team Camp. I got to hang out with Mike Gattone and Pyrros Dimas, and the rest of the amazing USA Weightlifting Staff. It was the most amazing training camp that I have ever been a part of. The athletes were motivated and coachable. The coaches were motivated to coach. It was the perfect storm for a Category 5 PRnado!

This year has really cleared up any concerns that I had about USA Weightlifting. First, I’ll be honest and say that I was unsure of Pyrros Dimas. Yeah I was a fan of his athletic career just like everyone else. Yet hiring foreign coaches is something that we’ve done plenty of in America with very little results to show for it. There are plenty of great coaches in America, so I was a little perplexes as to why USAW was doing the same thing as in the past hoping for a different result.

However in my two experiences with Pyrros I am totally convinced that he is exactly what this country has needed for some time. It’s not just his coaching skills that I am talking about. Yeah he’s a great coach, but there is something more that he has. He wants to win! He doesn’t care about American Records. He cares about World and Pan Am Records. This is exactly what I have been waiting on.

The culture needs to change. The coaches in America need to change their mindsets. The days of making a World Team or an Olympic Team are over. We are talking about winning medals now. Guys and gals we have to be able to talk about it to ever have a chance of making it happen.

I saw it happen with Wes Kitts. He snatched 170kg like an empty bar. I told him to go for 180kg. He asked Pyrros if he thought that 180 was the right call. Pyrros said, “It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what you believe. 180 should be easy, even 190, but it doesn’t matter unless you believe.”

I am getting chills just thinking about it. As most of you know, Wes went on to crush 180kg. Later that night we were talking about World Records and 201kg snatches. Never in America has anyone been able to talk about feats like this without some old coach telling him or her to be realistic. That negative talk has to end. That mindset has to die if we want America to finally become great again.

Pyrros has the personality to get us there. In that I have no doubts. The same reason that he won three Gold Medals is the same reason that we won’t stop until Team USA starts winning. If are not a believer, you are not going to want to be around Pyrros. He’s not going to want you around the team. Slowly that mindset will die, and a new breed of coach in America will be born.

I am excited for my athletes more than ever. I am excited to be a small part of all of this. Team Mash Mafia has three athletes on the World Team. Next year we have some young athletes that are going to take the Youth and Juniors by storm. I expect these athletes to set their eyes on records. The cool thing is that these young ones already are thinking about World Records. I suppose CJ and Harrison had something to do with that last year.

Next year I am going to put even more emphasis on growing this team and providing it with the services necessary for success. It will take coaches like me and Coach Dave Spitz to supplement what USA Weightlifting is providing, so that the athletes can have every advantage to reach their Olympic Dreams. This part of the equation will take innovation. If America wants Gold Medals, we have to provide our athletes with the necessary benefits. I intend on providing all that I can like:

• Healthcare
• Stipends
• Recovery Centers
• The Best Coaching
• Travel allowance
• Education

I have to admit that the team has been a financial struggle this year, but we are ending the year with some awesome sponsors. We still need partners, so if you want to partner with our team, consider donating to our non-profit 501c3 team at the following link:


If you want to become a sponsor, email me at:

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The Mash Mentorship will also go towards the 501c3, and this will be a great way to learn all about coaching, business, non-profits, and life. However there is only one spot left!

Here are the details about this:

If you’re a coach or trainer that has questions about succeeding in this industry, I want to answer 100% of your questions. I want to get to know you, and help you in the future as well. This is about starting a relationship. This is about me helping you succeed. I want everyone that attends to leave the mentorship with new ideas and a plan to succeed. I want all the attendees leaving as new friends of mine that I am committing to help in the future.

As you can tell this is something that I am passionate about, and it’s something that I am going to continue to pursue ongoing. I am committed to helping coaches succeed. If you want to start a successful career in coaching, check out the Mash Mentorship:

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I’ve had the honor to succeed in this industry from multiple directions. I am going to give you some of them to give an idea of some of the things that you can learn. Here are a few:

• Coach of Team Mash Mafia Weightlifting producing 14 International Athletes for Team USA in the last two years alone
• Mash Elite Performance Online Team and Website
• Published 12 E-Books
• The Barbell Life Podcast
• Owned two highly profitable gyms and opening another
• World Champion Powerlifter setting the all-time total of 2414lb in 2005, and a Nationally Ranked Weightlifter training at the OTC
• Published writer on many to sites including: EliteFTS, Juggernaut Training Systems, and Catalyst Athletics.
• Podcast guest on many top shows like Barbell Shrugged and the Brute Strength Podcast.
• Coach of Team Mash Elite Strength and Conditioning producing hundreds of Division I and Professional Athletes including: Tommy Bohanon, starting fullback for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cade Carney, starting running back for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons

I hope to teach you guys about topics like:

• Growing a successful Team
• Growing a successful Gym/Business
• Networking
• Content Creation
• Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media
• Balancing it all with life and family

Like I said you can find out more here:

Mash Mentorship Oct 18th thru the 21st

Come hang out with me on the Farm, in the Gym, and on our various trips that I have planned. We will finish each day around the fire simply talking with me answering all of your questions. I hope to see you there!

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