Who Wants to be a Mash Mafia Intern?

Who Wants to be a Mash Mafia Intern?

We need one or two interns at the Mash Compound. We are looking for people that love to video, edit, and that love social media. We need a tech nerd that loves the barbell. You will still get to train with the team with Don McCauley and I as your coach. I only need someone to film twice per week. The rest of the time, you are training with the team, hanging out with me, and learning about coaching, social media, and online entrepreneurship.

Here’s what we need:

• A tech nerd that loves the barbell
• Someone who is interested in videoing workouts
• Someone that wants to learn about the weightlifting industry
• Someone that wants to learn the Online Industry

Here’s what you get:

• Social Media education
• Online Entrepreneurship education
• Networking with all the Mash Coaches, Athletes, and friends.
• Understanding the importance and development of website content
• Daily business of a Barbell Club
• Advertising and Marketing 101
• Great environment to train
• Get coached by the best weightlifting coaches in the industry
• Work around some of the best weightlifters and powerlifters in the country

We have enjoyed all the interns that we have had in the past. 70% of them ended the program with a job offer. I am not promising anything, but our company is growing. We need creative people that love the industry, and that want to change it for the better.

Our team is a lot of fun. We are all very positive and goal oriented. If you are not positive and goal oriented, then we are probably not a good fit. Keep that in mind when deciding to apply. We want game changers, and I hope that is you.

If you are interested in the internship, email:


I can’t wait to meet, hang out, and work with all of you.


Coach Mash

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