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What’s Possible Workout & Learn from the Best


This week has been simply amazing for two reasons. First we did our monthly podcast with five incredible people from the Barbell World: Ed Coan, Brian Mackenzie, Spencer Arnold, AJ Roberts, and Brandon Lilly. Alex Viada said yesterday that a true measurement for success was looking at your accomplishments through the eyes of yourself at 8-years-old. At 8 I would never have dreamed that I would host a podcast that would feature such amazing people as the Barbell Life did this week. I was truly honored.

Many times I found myself in silence taking notes because one of these five people were spilling their hearts on the show, and their hearts are full of love for people and the barbell. I am not going to giveaway all the major points from the podcasts, but I am going to point out that the one common trait that all five men had was a desire to help others.

Too many times people are negative about this industry, but there isn’t another industry in the world that I would rather be in. Do you really believe that the top scientists from two competing pharmaceutical companies would share information with each other? No way! They would be too worried about competition and making money.

The fitness industry is comprised mainly of professionals that want with all their hearts to leave this world a little healthier and a little better than they found it. Now is a good time to look yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself, “Why do I do what I do?” If the answer isn’t “to help others”, then find another profession.

I am a friend with my biggest competitors, Barbell Shrugged, Attitude Nation, and Spencer Arnold. Barbell Shrugged are the very ones that taught me about online training. We teach each other anything new that we learn because we have one common trait, and that is to make the world better. We know the world is huge. There is an abundance of people to help, so the world needs multiple people to reach everyone.

Please take this advice to heart! The people that you are working with deserve great people helping them!

The “What’s Possible Past 40” workout is coming along. This week has been a bit of experimentation. Here is what it looked like:

Day 4
Off for total rest and recovery

Day 5
Snatch from Blocks- 11 sets x 1 rep EMOM starting at 200lbs and ending with 255lbs.
Back Squats 6 sets x 1 rep Paused starting at 405 and ending with 520lb
Deadlift 7 sets x 1 rep Paused 2 inches off floor starting with 475lb and ending with 605lb. (note I didn’t pause the 605)

I stretched and performed mobility during an earlier am session and before this session. Mobility is going to be one of my biggest focuses during this training. We are going to start filming Vlogs next week, so I will actually include my mobility work. I am also going to work on highlighting certain coaching points and exercises that you might not me familiar with. I want the Vlogs to be educational and fun, so get ready. We are waiting on a brand new camera that we ordered yesterday, so be patient.

The Snatches are feeling crisper. I just need to work on speed and mobility a little more, so that I can bust back into the 300’s this year. EMOM’s are the way that I am going to train all pulls during this phase of training, so that I can focus on each individual rep while still getting in the volume. I am going to do this with back squats as well because back squats using reps tend to irritate my hips. However, singles in the back squat don’t seem to bother me.

Hopefully I will have the workout completed for you guys by next week. The form at so far is getting me stronger, in shape, and leaving me pain free. Well pain free to me is probably different than all of you. Pain free means that there is no pain present that makes me grimace.

The nutrition part of this whole thing is the biggest challenge. I am using my own “Eat What You Want Program” to count my Macros. I am staying around 35% Proteins, 35% Carbs, and 30% Fats for now, but I am soon going to change it to 40% Proteins, 35% Carbs, and 25% Fats. It’s really one big experiment, so by the end I will let you know the overall results. The biggest difference is that I am keeping my diet extremely clean. I am not using donuts and poptarts. My goal is performance not simply weight loss. I will have cheat meals, but even those will be kept in check.

Travis Deadlift

Last, three of my workout will contain met cons and conditioning every week. I am going to listen to Brian Mackenzie and add in some low impact cardio like rowing or biking at 25 minutes 2-3 times per week. You will see that pop up from time to time.

Anyway this is where I am at so far. I hope that some of you will follow along with my new journey. Can I lose body fat, get stronger, and compete in multiple sports at 42-years-old? We will see!

Post any questions below! It would be appreciated!

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