What Makes a Great Coach?

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Zach Even

I write this after having a great day with my athletes. We simply did an amazing amount of work, but we also had a fun time doing it. My training center is like a toy box to me. I have hundreds of young athletes that I work with on a daily basis. Some of them are learning about the amazing sport of Olympic Weightlifting, and they are expressing interest in competing as a second sport. Some of them are making it their primary sport. A lot of them just want to get stronger, faster, and better at their chosen sports. I love it all!

I also get to work with NFL stars, professional Rugby players, Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifters, potential Olympians, and today a champion arm wrestler. I came home today having fallen in love with what I do all over again. Not only do I love what I do, but I love my athletes like family. Every night I think of them one at a time, and I go through what needs to happen with each. All of this has inspired me to write a few characteristics of a good coach. Hopefully this will give coaches and inspiring coaches some insight, and people looking for a coach will know what to look for.

1. A great coach sincerely loves people! Love is the best motivator for giving people your best. If you love people, you will want your athletes to have the best coach in the world. My athletes trust me to make them the best they can be, and I love them enough to make sure that I stay ahead of the other coaches in my knowledge by studying, talking to others, and constantly wondering what I could do better.


2. A great coach is in a constant search for more knowledge! If your coach believes that he or she knows everything, then look for another coach. I’ve told all of my veteran athletes and coaches that if I ever feel that I know everything, gently tell me that it’s time to retire.

3. Open to their athletes feedback! I expect feedback from my on site and online athletes alike! Just this week one of my newer athletes Ryan K. sat down with me and gave me some valuable feedback. I implemented his suggestions right away. Here is the thing! If an athlete believes that it helps, it will most of the time. Sometimes to input is off the mark, but most of my athletes are incredible athletes and know their own bodies.

4. Get to know what makes their athlete tick! Not all athletes react to the same stimulus. Some athletes react well to comments like, “no way you can do this or that.” They will rise to the occasion. Others only react well to positive reinforcement like, “I know you can do it.” Rebecca Gerdon does the best when she is dancing and having fun. Donnie Shankle is quiet and totally serious. A great coach takes the time to understand all their athletes.

5. Lead by example! Be on time! Do what you say that you will do. If you expect discipline from your athletes, be disciplined yourself.

I hope this gives you all a little insight. If you want to be a coach, take these five points to heart. As Zach Even-Esh says, “Live the code!” If you’re looking for one, choose wisely. You are basically looking for a family member.

Online Coaching is just as important to me. Every week I analyze their videos, listen to their feedback, suggest drills, alter their program(if necessary), and give them my feedback. They are also allowed to visit my training center with the rest of the team, and they are given our team singlet and uniform. They are on the team. If you need a coach, I’d love to talk.

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