Jim Wendler on Training High Schoolers (Part 2) – The Barbell Life 241

With the financial success of 5/3/1, Jim Wendler has been able to live his dream.

He’s now a strength coach at his local high school – and he has totally transformed the program. They’ve gone from being mediocre to now being a dominant force.

And the interesting thing is that Jim’s approach is the exact opposite of what many people would think a high school strength program should look like. He doesn’t max out. He doesn’t pound the kids into the ground. His kids are the only ones around who don’t even know their bench press max.

So to hear how he’s had such stellar results, listen in and get ready to take notes.

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  • Kids don’t need to go heavy. Here’s what they do need.
  • Turning around his local high school football team in record time
  • The dumbbell exercise that has made the biggest difference in the team
  • The challenges of managing 50 kids at the same time
  • Making average players into winners
  • and more…

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