Wednesday – January 25th, 2017

So, I was supposed to do kneeling snatches yesterday, but honestly, I never in my life want to do those again. So I convinced coach Don to let me do them standing 🙂 It made me happy.

  • Front Squats 5×10 25kgs – with random pauses
    • Still just working at ankle mobility. My bottom position feels much more table and comfortable than it ever has before. I am very excited about this.


  • No Feet, High Hang, Power Snatched 8×3 25kgs
    • I wanted to do these all day. Snatching is so fun!


  • Snatch Shrugs 5×10 80kgs
  • Bent Over Snatch Shrugs 5×10 35kgs
    • I’m all about working my traps lately. 1. for gainz, and 2. because they are very important for stabilization and for pulling under in the lifts.


  • Snatch Grip RDL 5×10 35kgs
  • SL KB RDL 25lbs 5x10e +
    • Plate OTW 5x5e 10kg
      • My Hammies got tight from being inactive for so long, RDL’s for me usually do a great job of lengthening them back out a bit. They feel much weaker than pre surgery, but I’m sure they will come back!


  • Bottoms up KB OH carry 5 minutes alternating arms

Loving training right now, but itching to get back to lifting some actual weight. Patience is a virtue. 😉

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