Wednesday – Feb 8th, 2017

Week 10 Post Ankle Surgery.

Today was almost like real life training. A really light version of it anyways. Added in deadlifts for the 1st time since my surgery. I’m super excited that the intensity of my workouts is starting to SLOWLLY increase. If all goes well and I continue to make progress, it looks like I’ll be able to get on the stage at Nationals in May. I’ll only have a good 2 months of actual training leading up to it, so my numbers won’t be back too 100%, but it’ll be great to be back on the platform! Plus, it’s in Chicago, which is about an hour from my home town :))

Here’s yesterday’s training.

  • Front squat 5×10 40kg
    • Squats are starting to feel so natural. Squatting used to always feel so uncomfortable for me and I was never able to get into a semi-good position without a bunch of weight on my back forcing me down there. Now I can just sit right down with minimal weights.
  • No Feet High Hang Power Snatches 5×3 40kgs
  • Clean Deadlifts 5×5 60kg
    • Like my squat, my start position is also much improved and much more comfortable. I can sit my hips comfortably without having to force them into position.


  • Snatch Shrugs 5×10 95Kg
  • Bent Over Snatch Shrugs 5×10 45kg


  • Snatch RDL’s 5×8 55kg
  • 1 leg RDL’s 5×8 50lbs
    • My hamstrings are starting to wake up. They are feeling more strong and mobile each week.

Feeling Optimistic

Days Until my Next doc appointment: 19

Body Weight: 62.2

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