Wednesday – Feb 1st, 2017

Happy February! I’m way happy that it’s February. That means I just have to make it through the end of the month, then I hopefully get to start training hard again. Good thing February is a short month!

  • Front Squats 5×10 35kg
  • No Feet Power Snatch 10ishx3 35kgs
    • I really enjoyed doing these. It was my 1st time pulling from the floor in something other than a muscle snatch. It’s finally starting to feel like I’m doing the actual movement. Still powers, and still No Feet, but we are getting closer! They also just feel so natural. It’s like riding a bike.
  • Snatch Shrugs 5×10 85kgs
    • These are done fast and explosive. The traps move fast in the shrug under portion of the lift, so we must teach them to do so.
  • Bent Over Snatch Shrugs 5×10 35kgs
    • These are more of a body building type shrug, slow and controlled to build up the muscle.
  • Snatch Grip RDL 5×10 50kgs +
    • 1 leg KB RDL 5x10e 50lbs
      • My hamstrings are still feeling tight and weak, and my right side is definitely weaker still than my left. But I’m just going to keep working because that’s what I do best, and I know I’ll get there one day.
  • OH Bamboo bar carries Fwb/bkw x5 +
    • Plate OTW 5x5e 10kg
      • Both of these movements felt much easier than last week. My body is adapting quickly. I hope the same goes for when I actually get to start going hard again.

Days Until my next Doc appointment : 26

Bodyweight: 62.7


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