Wednesday 2/8/17

SO stoked about this PR back squat. It’s only a 1# PR but I’m happy because it’s been so long since I PR’d and I have been focusing on front squats lately. Can’t wait to see how things progress.

A) Back Squat to 1RM then 5 down sets:

  • up to 333# for a 1# PR!
  • downsets: 300#x2, 285×3, 275×4, 265x5x2


B) C&J volume for consistency:

  • 205# x 12 singles


  • 20 sec on, 10 sec off:
  • WallBalls (14#) x 2 sets
  • HSPU x 2 sets
  • Air Squats x 2 sets
  • T2B x 2 sets
  • 4 Rounds

30 Dip Support Knee Raises

30 Feet Elevated Ring Rows

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