Video: Travis Mash, Hunter Elam, and Jacky Simeone

I am still so excited about how the Mash Mafia just smashed the AO3.

We knew beforehand that it would be the most important meet ever in our history. And my athletes didn’t disappoint!

One moment of this amazing meet really sticks out. It’s the highlight of the show. It’s all people are asking me about now. How did Hunter Elam do so well?

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It was her mindset.
It was her training.
It was her mobility.
It was her nutrition.
It was the entire package.

So I sat down with Hunter and her nutrition coach, our own Jacky Simeone with our Eat and Lift What You Want Program. We had an informal talk on Facebook Live just to talk about it all and answer some questions. We thought we might talk for a few minutes and we ended up just chatting for over half an hour. Hopefully you guys will learn something.

Here’s the replay. Enjoy!

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