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Snatch 120k/264lb/1, 123/mx4
Clean from Box 150/1(330lbs)
Squat 243/1(536lbs)

As you can tell my workouts are not matching the MashMafia Program. Scuba(one of my great young lifters) and I are competing at the Attitude Nation Weightlifting Meet this Sunday as a last chance qualifier for the American Open. Scuba should make the cut no problem at the 85k Class. I have hit the numbers in training for the 94k Class, but it’ll be close. Three months ago, I was way over the total, but suffered several injuries that pulled me back.

My goal is to qualify enough for the Open National Events, and to go to the Masters World Championships next year. It’ll be neat because then I will have competed at a World Championships in two sports: Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. I love both sports, and I feel blessed to be able to still compete in both at such a high level at 40 Years Old. A big goal I have is to inspire other 35+ Year Olds to get off the couch and Go Hard! Age is Nothing but a Number!

I have invited a few of my athletes to post their workouts in the comment section of my blog. Feel free if you are using this program, to post your daily results. Below is the link to yesterday’s posts from some of my lifters:

Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s training! Notice the battle between Scuba and me!:

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