Velocity Measurement Tools

With the field of velocity measurement devices constantly changing, we wanted to bring you our most current recommendations right here on this page.

As with many equipment choices, your budget is going to be the most important consideration. Here’s what we would currently recommend for different price points.

Iron Path Pro App

Available here.
Currently priced at $3.99, it’s hard to beat Iron Path Pro for price.
Many have raised doubts about the accuracy, but this is what I (Travis) personally use right now. At this price point, though – a little inaccuracy is to be expected.

Open Barbell

Available here.
At around $250, Open Barbell is one we hear many talk about positively. It would be a great option for a moderate price point.


Available here.
GymAware is the current Gold Standard in Velocity Based Training and is what I (Spencer) use and love. Units run for several thousand dollars, but they give you an amazing amount of information and accuracy.