Unbelievable Day for Jon North & a Great Time

Yesterday was a great session for the team. Jon’s video will show how we have a unique blend of hard work, big lifts, and fun. This atmosphere makes us unique in my opinion. We simply have a great time at being the best in the world. I wish I knew how to duplicate it, but the truth is that it just happened. My prayer is that my love for my athletes shines all the way to heaven, and the atmosphere is simply a ray of sunshine from God.

Check out Jon’s Video:

In April, we will be together at the Attitude Nation Level II Camp in Woburn, MA at CrossFit Lando. Later that month I will be at CrossFit Broken Chains in Orlando, FL with Greg Nuckols. Guys we are all over the place: Long Island, Wilmington, Rhode Island, Minneapolis, New Mexico, Canada, San Antonio, and more, so go the www.MashElite.com/seminars/ to check them all out. For online coaching and to be a part of the team online, go to www.MashElite.com/online-programming/ to sign up.

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