Tuesday, January 24th, Training Log

This 40 year old has some tired legs!!

In the last couple of training cycles, I have relied heavily on my oly lifters to squat both front and back. This past week, I have started waiting to put them on until I’ve built up to a moderate weight. Yesterday, I decided to do minimal equipment and make sure I could still get in those positions without relying on the equipment.

Front Squat 1rm w/5 second pause at RPE7 – kept on my Nike Metcons the entire time and didn’t reach for my knee sleeves. I also waited to put on my belt until my very last single. I was able to work to 208#/94.5k and still have plenty in the tank. This is 5# more than I’ve done in quite some time. Trying to adhere to that RPE7!!

Bench press 5rm w/1 second pause every rep. Shoulders are pretty fatigued this week and I felt it even on the lighter weights. I was STILL able to hit 150#/68k for 5 reps, which I was only able to get 4 last week 🙂

Then, -15% for 5+. Weight should have been 127.5#, so bumped it up to 130#/59k and managed 10 reps all with a pause.

Accessory Work:

  • Close Grip Floor Press w/25# chains 5rm then -10% for 2×5 (last 5+). Worked up to 125#+chains, then down set at 115#/52k for 10 reps on second down set.
  • DB Seated P. Cleans 4×12 w/15# DBs – working with lighter weight so I don’t ‘cheat’ on the reps.
  • Bent Over BB Rows paused 2 seconds at sternum for 3×10 w/75#
  • OH axle carries 3x40yd w/75# – I did more weight last week, but felt quite unstable on the last set, so I dropped down this week to work stability.

Weight is up a little due to throwing caution to the wind over the weekend while up at the Compound. Dialing nutrition back in this week!


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