Tuesday – January 24th, 2017

I’m exactly 8 weeks post-op. It’s been a long 8 weeks, but a short 8 weeks at the same time. Training is getting more and more fun, and I absolutely love it!

I have to spend a good 5-10 minutes stretching out my ankle before I start. I stretch my ankle 4-5 times a day. Right now, my main focus is to increase my ankle ROM. Mainly my Dorsi Flexion, and also make sure I keep taking it easy and let it fully heal. Both of my ankles need (and always have needed) a lot of stretching. However, my right ankle (The one I had my surgery on) Is way behind, so I’m focusing most of my time on just this one, until it catches up. I’ve only been aggressively working on it for 1 week now, and I’m already seeing improvements. I know it’s going to take a long time, and take lots of consistency to see small change. But it’s all part of the sport. I’d rather not have to spend almost an hour a day collectively working on my ankle mobility. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It’ll be worth it.


  • Goblet Squats – 5×10 35lbs
    • This  the most weight I’ve been allowed to squat since surgery!

Bro Session – Chest and tris

  • Bench Press up to 1RM at 81KG! PR 🙂 then 60×10 and 55×10
    • My best bench prior to this was 78kgs, I did that weighing 68.1kgs. Today, I did 3 kilos more weighing 6kg less. So, at least I’ve done a good job at keeping my upper body strong 🙂
  • Alt Dumbbell Bench 5x8e 40lbs +
    • Ring Dips 5×6
  • Dumbbell Rocking Rolls 3×15 20lbs +
    • 1 arm triceps band pushdowns 3x20e

Playing Outside – Core/stability

  • Bamboo bar overhead carries Fwd/bkw x5 35lb kb’s
  • Toes to Bar 5×10
  • Banded Dead bugs 3x10e Purple band.

Body Weight: 62.1kgs

3 days bootless!


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