Tuesday – January 17th, 2017

I’m going to be completely honest with you all. I haven’t posted my training log the past couple of days because I went into a slight depression. I had no motivation or drive to do anything extra. Yes, I still went to the gym every day and got my workouts in, but they were short and quick. I got in and out as fast as possible. I did my kneeling lifts, as usual, and all different types of upper body bodybuilding. Nothing new or exciting there. I was sick of feeling helpless and SO ready for the next step in my recovery. Which THANKFULLY came right on time. I went to the doctor yesterday and was cleared to walk AND to ease myself out of the boot. This was great news and much better than I expected.

I didn’t do any of my kneeling Oly work, because I was still excited to be able to walk and wanted to see what else I could add into my programming. But really, I wasn’t too focused on my training because I was too excited to get out of there and go to the grocery store BY MYSELF! Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m so happy to have my independence back.

Anyways, here’s what yesterday’s training looked like

PT before training, lots of manual work, long holds for stretching and dry needling to the calf.

Then I headed to the gym.

  • Box Step ups 5x20e leg
  • Box Squats 5×10

Both were done with just body weight, I can walk, but no weight bearing just yet.

Bro Session – Back

  • BB Bent over row 5×10 40KG
    • Superset w/ RDL’s 5×10 40kg
  • Dumbbell Row 5×10 40lbs
  • Plate Flex/Ext + Row 3×10+10 15KG

My Hamstrings are WAY weaker and tighter than they were before, but I’m SO happy to be standing up with a barbell in my hands.

Bodyweight 63.3KG


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