Tuesday February 14, 2017

Training is going well, I’m starting to move fast consistently and feel strong on a regular basis again. It’s been awhile since my training has gone this well consistently, so I’ll be looking for some big lifts in the next couple of weeks. The ECU Open is in 3 weeks as well, hopefully that’s when the big lifts will show up.


Snatch from Blocks at the Knee:

68 for 3×3

72 for 2×2

77 for 1×2  I almost died on this set. I had been having trouble keeping the bar on the blocks all day. On this set when I went to drop the bar I backed up so I could drop the bar behind the blocks……..this didn’t quite work out. I ended up hitting the back edge of the blocks and the bar slid me back about 8 feet. This didn’t hurt as much as it was just embarrassing. On a positive note I didn’t miss the single at 82kg.

82 for 1×1

Front Squat for a single with a 5s pause: 117 for an easy single, then 120kg.

Snatch Pulls with a 6s Eccentric: 3×3 at 85kg

I had to coach and go to work at 6, so that was all I got done today.

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