Tuesday 10/1/13 and Some Weightlifting Verbal Cues!


P. Snatch 90%/1
P. Clean max 90%/1
Jerks from Box max 1and 85%/2
Bench Press 3RM & -10% for max reps

Met Con
30 T2B
20 Push Press 115/75#
20 T2B
10 Push Press 115/75#
10 T2B
5 Push Press 115/75#

For time.

Yesterday was a great start to our “Tapering Phase” of this training cycle. We are preparing for the NC State Weightlifting Championships held Oct. 19th, and we are hosting the MashMonster Open on the 20th for anyone who didn’t get in the State Championships. I can’t begin to express how excited that I am to see weightlifting gain so much popularity. Remember the conditioning is only for my competitive Crossfitters!

Here is my workout by the numbers:

Snatch 96/1,102/1,107/1,104/,109/1,113/1,117/1,120/m
Clean & J 127/1&1, 140/1&m
Squat 236k/520lbs x 1
GHRs and Pull-ups

It’s coming back slowly. I took about six weeks off because of my shoulder, but thanks to Fish Oil and MashMafia’s own “Athletic Performance” (designed by Greg Nuckols), I feel strong and inflammation free. Well inflammation less, lol! I am 40, so a little aching is acceptable.

Here are some universal verbal cues for both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk:

1. Stand up fast through the heals. This is in reference to both the first and second pull.
2. Aggressive finish! This is in reference to the second pull!
3. Aggressive pull under! Here I’m talking about the third pull, or the lifter’ pull underneath to receive the bar in the full squat position. I believe this to be the main dividing point between greatness and average! Continuing to pull yourself under the bar versus falling underneath the bar is something that comes with practice, courage, and genetics.
4. Tyson Feet (stolen from Jon North)! This is talking about the replacement of the feet from hip to shoulder width during the catch phase of the lift.
5. Eyes level and slightly upl! Don’t look up or down simply straight ahead and slightly up during all phases of the lift!

Here is a great video from yesterday! I’ve included our Olympic Weightlifters and our Performance Athletes. I wanted to give you a basic idea of how I train my athletic performance athletes:

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