Training Sunday 1/8/17

Somehow went 3 days in a row without training so Sunday had to be a double workout day. Did some general strength work in the morning and more work in the afternoon. Felt good to do a double again! Haven’t done that in a while.

a.m. at Apartment Gym

A) Front Squats: 8 sets @ 235# to beat 21 total reps from last time

  • felt super tight and weak in the a.m. and got frustrated so I moved on. Did these in the p.m. and they were much better

B1) Strict Press:

  • 5×5@85#

B2) Bentover Row:

  • 5×6 @ 135#

C1) Single Leg Deficit RDL:

  • 20kg/hand x 8/leg from a deficit of 2-45# plates so ~4.5″
  • These were tough! Fell off the stack of plates a couple times because I lost my balance lol

C2) DB Strict Press

  • AMRAP with 25#
  • 21, 19, 16

p.m. @ CrossFit Pineville

A) Power Clean to a heavy triple

  • up to 200#. Missed the 3rd rep at 205#
  • Fun to mix in power cleans again. These are going to get better fast

B) Front Squats redo from this morning: 8 sets @ 235# to beat 21 total reps:

  • 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Lots of stretching

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