Training Log – Wednesday, February 8 and Thursday February 9, 2017

I needed a day like Wednesday after the first two training days this week I had. I attribute all of it to a massive storm of travel, fatigue, poor nutrition, and allergies. Took me two days, but I got back in the saddle!!

I am in the middle of Week 10 of a 14 week cycle leading up to my next meet April 8 in Fort Mill, SC. I want to pull off some big numbers! My goals are 800+ total, qualify for Nationals again, and set North Carolina state records in all of the lifts. So, LET’S GO!!

Wednesday Day 2

High Bar Back Squat 1rm then -20% for 3+ – PR CITY!!! I hit 290#/132k and then dropped down to 230#/104.5k for 4 reps. The time under tension with the belt at my rib didn’t really feel great.

Squat Bottoms 3rm – worked up to 235#/107k no belt. It was pretty slow so stopped there. I really feel like these are helping me with speed out of the bottom of the squat!

Deadlifts 3rm – I was so discouraged on Monday when 335# felt so heavy and I failed to get 350# off the floor. So to say that I am pumped to have PR’d my 3rm at 335#/152k two days after that would be an understatement!! I honestly felt like I had one or two more reps in me at that weight! I waited to belt up until this final set.

Unilateral RDLs 3×5 with 70# kettlebell – it is always harder on my right side for some reason. Each week I do these, it gets more stable.

Thursday Day 4

I was supposed to use chains today on my bench. After a seminar recently where both Matt Wenning and Mark Watts talked about bands and chains, I realized the set-up I had wasn’t producing the proper stimulus. So, I decided to just work speed until I get into a place I can do it correctly.

Alternative Grip (Close Grip) Speed Bench

  • 55% 2×3 (100#)
  • 65% 2×3 (115#)
  • 75% 1×2 (135#)
  • 3×1 working up (145# – 160# – 170#/77k)

I have hit 175# at this grip before, but never with a pause, so I consider it a PR! It was fast off the chest and got harder when I hit my sticking point. I have to remember to continue to accelerate through to the end!

Accessory Work:

  • Plate Lateral Raises 3×10 w/7.5# plates
  • Pull-ups 3 x submaximal (10/9/6) – I didn’t rest very long between and it showed
  • Banded rows into external rotation 3×10

Really hoping to finish this week out strong with some Mash Method squatting and benching!!

Weight: 72.8k

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