Training Log – Wednesday and Thursday, February 15 and 16th, 2017

Usually, on Wednesday, my legs are tired and I have to grind out the weight, so I was pleasantly surprised when I felt good!! Had a great couple of days starting off the week, so was hoping for a great squat day on Wednesday.

Wednesday 2/17 Day 3

High Bar Back Squat 1rm w/ 3 second pause – worked up to 275#/125k, which is 5# more than last week. It felt easier and smoother too!! Positioning felt good throughout the entire lift.

downsets were 3×3 with 220#/100k, last set 3+. Ended up with 15 reps, which I’m pretty sure is a 15rm PR for high bar!!

Squat Bottoms 5rm, then 10% for 5 – worked my way up to 245#/ 111k which is a PR for this movement. I definitely feel these are helping speed up my squats out of the whole. I mean,  check out my set of 15 above!!

Deadlifts 3rm w/3 second pause at knee on the first rep. Worked up to 315#/143k with no belt. Then down set of 2×3 no pause at 285#/129.5k.

Accessory Work:

  • Unilateral RDLs 4×5 each leg w/70# kettlebell

Thursday 2/18 Day 4

Alternate Grip (close grip) Speed Bench w/10% chains

  • 55% + chains (95#) 3×3
  • 65%  + chains (115#) 3×3
  • 75% + chains (130#) 2×2
  • 3×1 working up 135# – 140# – 150#/68k

ss w/ 12″ explosive push-ups 5×6 then 4×4 (resting 60 sec b/t first 5 sets and 90 sec b/t last 4 sets) – needless to say the pump is real and arms were dead!

Accessory Work:

  • Plate Lateral Raises 3×10 w/5# plates
  • Pull-ups 3x submaximal – 9/9/9 DOH and strict
  • Banded row to external rotation 3×10

Mash Compound for Days 5 and 6!!! Finishing out Week 7 strong!!

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