Training Log – Tuesday, January 31 and Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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I’m starting to think the first two days took it all out of my legs!!

Week 5 Continues….

Tuesday 1/31 Day 2

No Fronts Squats this week! My legs are so thankful!!

Bench Press 5rm with 1 second pause each rep160#/72.7k for a PR and 10# more than last week!! The wider grip seems to be stronger for me and finally getting more consistent with my setup, foot placement especially.

Accessory work:

  • Close Grip Floor Press with 25# chains (only have about 17# worth of chains) 5rm then -10% for 2×5. Worked up to 128#/58k plus the chains (3# more than last week), the dropped down to 118#/53.6k for my 2×5.
  • DB seated power cleans 3×12 with 15#
  • Bent over BB rows with 2 second pause on sternum 3×10 at 75#
  • OH Axle Carries 3×40 yd with 55# – dropped weight down this week.

Wednesday 2/1 Day 3

Legs were so tired today. My initial plan was to go to a solid weight and stop….I didn’t and it backfired on me.

High Bar Back Squat 3rm – worked my way up to 255#/116k. It felt heavy and slow, but thought what the heck? I don’t have any downsets, so…..I jumped up 5# more than last week to 280#/127k, hit 1 rep and my chest collapsed on the second rep. I didn’t even try to save it.

ss these with 3×5 prisoner jump squats focusing on height

Accessory Work:

  • Squat Bottoms 8rm then -10% for 8. Worked up to 205#/93k and stopped. Dropped down to 185#/84k for final 8.
  • 2″ Deficit RDLs with band 3×8 progressing to RPE 7-8. 150# – 165# – 190#/86.4k (5# more than last week)
  • Unilateral RDLs 3×8 each leg with 53# KB

Thankfully, had a chiropractor appointment today for some routine maintenance, but felt like I needed a little more than maintenance today. Hips, quads, and hamstrings are lit, making me a bit nervous for Friday/Saturday. I’ll get it done though 🙂 Headed to the Mash Compound Friday for the weekend! 🙂

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