Training Log – Tuesday, February 7, 2017 (SLINGSHOT BABY!!)

Yesterday was fun!!

With this new block of programming comes some new stimuli, and in this case, the slingshot! and longer pauses on front squats. Front squats have been an RPE7 for me for the last 2 training cycles, so no true one rep maxes and always with a pause.

Front Squat 1rm w/7 second pause at RPE7 – worked my way up to 213#/97k. Felt good. Positioning is so much better than this time last year. I am able to sit down into it!

Next, comes the 3rm Bench Press w/Slingshot. Worked my way up to 190#/86k which is a PR!! The slingshot allows  you to lift more (about 10% more) without added stress on the body and supports both the eccentric and concentric portions of the movement. My hopes is to lift this weight plus in 2017 without the slingshot. It is a great tool!

Then, the slingshot came off for some competition style bench press at 83% (145#/66k) x5, 88% (155#/70.5k) x3, and 90% (158#/72k) for AMAP. At this point, I was smoked! Managed 4 reps.

Accessory Work:

  • Face Pulls 3×12
  • Bent Over BB Rows w/2 second pause at sternum 4×5 with 95#
  • Fat Grip DB Overhead Walks 3x20yd with 25# DBs

On a side note, Coach told me I needed to train at a little higher weight than what I’ve been training. He will be happy to know I am sitting at 72.7k this morning. Not sure if I like it or not. Verdict is still out.

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