Training Log – Tuesday, February, 21, 2017 (Where are my legs?)

Week 8 Day 2. I have definitely learned my lesson!! No more crazy weird extra leg stuff on a Saturday!! My legs were still trashed yesterday!! Probably worse than Monday! Regardless, I still had a good training day and work was done!

My featured image says it ALL!!

Front Squat 1rm w/7 second pause at RPE7 – this was my first clue legs were not gonna cooperate all that well. Can’t really explain how tired and sore they were. LOL. Last week, I hit 100k/220#, so I was happy with how the legs felt that I could still hit 98k/215#.

Slingshot Bench Press 3rm – Week before last, I hit 190# successfully. Last week, I hit 185# fairly easily, couldn’t get a rep at 195#, and dropped down to 190#, where I could only get 1 rep. Yesterday, 175#/79.5k went up easily, so I jumped to 195#/88.6k. Got the first 2 and hit a ceiling on the last rep. I am not completely comfortable with the slingshot, and, to be honest, was afraid to flare the elbow too much and get out of place. Progress was made being able to hit that top set for 2….and a half reps….Even added a pause in there for good measure 🙂 Do you hear my panic in my voice asking Morgan to get it on that last rep??

Competition Grip Bench Press (no slingshot)

  • 88% (153#) x 3
  • 93% (163#) x 2
  • 95% (168#/76k) x 1 – Felt pretty solid!!
  • Max 178#/81k – Training PR Butt came off bench 🙁 BUT I DID PAUSE!!! I will get it soon!!
  • 85% (148#) x Max Reps – ended up with 4.

**My hips/hamstrings would cramp every time I put my foot down. The leg drive wasn’t there on any of my bench press. Looking forward to another bench day when I have some fresher legs!! 🙂

Close Grip Floor Press 5rm then -10% for 3×5 (last set 5+) – supposed to use chains, but don’t have enough weight. Ended up at 135#, which isn’t my best. Down set at 115# with 13 reps on the last set.

Accessory Work:

  • Banded Face Pulls 3×12
  • Bent over BB Rows with 2 second pause at sternum 4×5 with 105#
  • OH Fat Grip DB Carries 3 x 20 yards forward and 20 yards backward w/25# DBs

WODBody set up at my gym yesterday and I took full advantage!! She worked on my legs from hip to knee (front and back) for a whole hour!! Needless to say, I am sore and have hickeys on me in weird places due to cupping, but I’m hoping it will get all this junk out of my system and get back to normal!! 🙂

On to Day 3!!

Next meet: April 8

Weight: 72.5

IG: @crystalmaccf

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