Training Log – Monday, February 6, 2017

It has been such beautiful weather here in North Carolina!! My family and I took advantage and went for a 4.9 mile hike Sunday at Raven Rock State Park. It was so beautiful and a great time as a family. The down side is my hamstrings are starting out super sore!! So this week will be super fun 🙂

As Week 6 begins, so does a new training block! This means the program gets switched up a bit and some new stimuli are introduced. I am 9 weeks out from Battle on the Border.

First up…

High Bar Back Squats (in 3 easy steps ;p)

  • Step 1 – (55% straight weight +25% band tension) 4×5 with 60 second rest b/t sets; 155#+bands
  • Step 2 – Work to heavy double with bands staying around RPE 8-9; worked to 225#+bands
  • Step 3 – Remove bands for 2rm RPE 8-9; worked to 265#/120.5k

Deadlifts 8×1 w/2 second pause at knee and mid-thigh starting at 70% ending at <85%

  • 250# – 260# – 270# – 275# – 280# – 285# – 295# – 300#/136k

ss with box jumps 3×3 focusing on strong landing at parallel; I felt the sore hamstrings here and seriously didn’t trust my legs to work.

Accessory Work:

  • GHDs (Back Ext.) 3×8
  • BB rear leg elevated split squats 3×8 (RPE8) with 75#


Great start to the week! Looking forward to this next 5 week training block!!

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