Training Log – Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 8 begins!! I cannot tell a lie. Legs still felt trashed from Saturday’s post workout conditioning fest. It’s my own fault. I asked for it. LOL. Back home in Fayetteville from a great weekend with the Mash family (and my two favorite boys – Wayne and Morgan, of course 🙂 ) and back to the daily grind.

High Bar Back Squat in 3 easy steps 🙂

  • Step 1 – 60% weight (170#) plus 25# band tension for 3×5 resting 60 seconds between sets
  • Step 2 – with bands, build to heavy double staying RPE 8-9. Built to 240#, no belt, which is 5# more than last week.

  • Step 3 – Remove bands 1rm staying RPE 8-9. Not sure how I pulled it off with the trashed legs, but hit 285#/129.5k, which is what I hit at Nationals, but the speed was much different. So much faster and not maximal this time! I wish I had a side by side comparison! My high bar is definitely quite a bit less than my low bar. It is coming along though!

Deadlifts 12×1 pausing at knee for 2 seconds (starting at 70% working up to <90%)

  • 250# – 255#- 260# – 265# – 275# – 280# – 285# – 290# – 295# – 305# – 310# – 320#
  • No Belt!! and no video 🙁 Thought I was recording, but I wasn’t. The 320# is the most I’ve done beltless, especially with any kind of pause!! It felt great!!! Guess you will have to take my word for it this week….

ss with Box jumps (focusing on height and landing at parallel) 3×3 20″

Accessory Work:

  • GHD 3×8 (back extensions)
  • BB rear leg elevated split squats 4×5 (RPE8) w/95#

Great start to the week. Hoping the legs don’t feel trashed all week!!

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