Training – Friday 12/30/16

Had to do a crossfitty warmup today just to stop shivering lol. The gym has no heat really and I was there by myself at first so it was pretty cold. I like these kinds of warmups though because they get me warmed up quickly and get me to do a little cardio 😉

Wanted to do some heavy sets for front squats. Got the idea from seeing something about how CJ Cummings trains his front squats. The goal is to be able to do my max clean & jerk weight for a shit ton of reps in the front squat. Haven’t got heavy in front squats or a while so I was a little disappointed with how heavy 235 felt. Decided to just stay there and get some good reps in. Next week I will either go up 5# and try to hit the same number of reps OR I will keep the weight the same and try to hit MORE reps.

Didn’t feel like doing C&J’s today so I did a bro-strength sesh instead. I’ve learned from my burnout episode to not push myself to do something I really don’t want to do, otherwise I will just have a bad session and go backwards. I do much better when I’m excited about what I’m doing. This applies to just Clean & Jerk and Snatches. All other strength work I will pretty much make myself do because there’s not as much thinking involved. Plus, I have plenty of training time during the week so if I skip a day of snatches/cleans, I can just make them up later in the week.

Got a sick shoulder pump at the end with all the presses!

Warm Up:

  • 4 Rounds:
  • Row 250m
  • Lunge 20m
  • Single Leg Deadlift w/ KB x 8/leg
  • HSPU x 10-15

A) Front Squat:

  • 235# x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2
  • 8 sets and 21 total reps

B1) Press:

  • 5×5 @ 70% (80#)

B2) Bentover Row

  • 5×5 @ 135#

C1) Single Leg Deficit Deadlift

  • 16kg KB/hand x 8/leg for 3 sets

C2) Dumbbell Press AMRAP @ 20#

  • 20, 16, 14

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