Training for 1/12-1/14 – Crystal McCullough

Finished up Week 2 of this 14-week cycle. My numbers are higher this training cycle than they were at this time last training cycle, which has me excited for this meet in April!

Thursday 1/12 Day 4

Speed Bench w/alternate grip (CG) w/10% 1rm chains

  • 68% +chains for 2×5 (120#)
  • 78% +chains for 2×5 (130#)

  • 5rm no chains – worked to 145#/66k, which I only got 4 at this weight last week!

SS with explosive clapping pushups focusing on height for 5×5 then 4×4 resting 60 seconds b/t sets of 5 and 90 seconds b/t sets of 4.

KB bottom up Z press 3×10 each arm w/15# KB

Pull-ups 3 x submaximal – Strict and double overhand for 10/8/6. Got a little bit of elbow pain in the left arm which is making me feel a little weak on the pull-ups this week.


Hang muscle snatch 3×5 w/75#

Later in the day, I finally got a chance for a little bit of conditioning. I just did my class workout I programmed 🙂

3 Rounds for Time: 300m row, 30 OH walking lunge steps (25# bumper), 10 toes to bar in 10:06

Friday 1/13 Day 5

Headed up to the Mash Compound for the weekend to train.

Mash Method Squats (key is 2 minute rest between each set of 3 and 10)

  • 3 reps at 85% (123k/270#)
  • 10 reps at 65% (94k/207#)
  • 3 reps at 128k/281#
  • 10 reps at 99k/218#
  • 3 reps at 133k/292# PR
  • 10 reps at 104k/229#

My last set of 3 was a 3rm PR!! My goal for week 3 is 300#!

Deadlift w/alternate stance (Sumo) 5rm w/5 second eccentric each rep – worked my way up to 235#/107k, which is 30# more than last week. Working on keeping positioning throughout movement!

KB Swings (eye level) w/ band at hips 4×12 w/40#

Plate around the worlds 3×8 each way with 5k plate

Saturday 1/14 Day 6

Mash Method Bench Press (key is 2 minute rest between each set of 3 and 10)

  • 3 reps at 85% (148#/67k)
  • 10 reps at 65% (113#/51k)
  • 3 reps at 157#/71k
  • 10 reps at 125#/57k
  • 3 reps at 165#/75k
  • 10 reps at 132#/60k

Second week I’ve failed my last set of 3 reps. Closer than last week. It literally felt I hit an invisible ceiling OR Morgan really had his hand on it. LOL Reality check is this is 95% of my 1rm and I have hit it for a double the last 2 weeks. I need to just continue on working my technique and dialing it in. All reps were paused!

DB tricep extension 6×8 (20#) ss Band pushdowns 6×15 (medium band) w/30 second rest b/t sets

Fat bar curls 3×10 w/55#

Rows (75#) ss Band pullaparts (red band) 3×10+10

Sunday, Morgan and I worked the Mash Elite Performance booth at the War of the Wods. We had a great time and did some great networking.

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