Training 1/16/18 and Improving Joint Health

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Training 1/16/18

Yesterday was another fantastic day of training. Each week, I am getting closer and closer to my to my goals. Of course, after taking 90% of 2016 off from training, it makes having gains in 2017 a little easier.

Session 1

I started my Monday at TFW Winston-Salem training with Chris Ox Mason. I was really stiff to start things out. I am assuming it was the results of the heavy deadlift on Saturday along with several breakout lifts last week. I was scheduled to Front Squat first, but I decided to focus on mobility and just bench press. It was the right call.

Bench Press Max Effort- 360lb x 1 easily and 370lb x 1 also easily and both were PRs.

Mobility Work-
Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Cobra Pose
Frog Pose
Paused Kettlebell Potato Sack Squat
Plate between feet Squats

I am pumped with my bench press. Six weeks ago my max was a hard fought 320lb, so it’s coming back rather quickly. The 370lb lift was probably an 8 RPE, which is where I am trying to keep things right now. I would rather know that I could do more than actually find out all the time. This approach is allowing me to comeback faster without all the pain that normally comes with training hard.

The Kettlebell Potato Squats are an excellent way to mobilize. You simply hold onto the bottom of a kettlebell, sit into the bottom of a squat, and let the kettlebell pull you down as you focus on shooting the chest out. This movement really encourages a proper position and spine.

Session 2 at the Mash Compound

Back Squat Mash Method
215k x 1
185k x 5
225k x 1
195k x 5
240k/528lb x1
205k/451lb x 5

Sumo Deadlift Mash Method

375lb x 1
315lb x 5
400lb x 1
340lb x 5
425lb x 1
365lb x 5

Back Squat- Mobility in the morning really helped to make the back squat perform better. My position was much better than last weeks along with my depth and strength. This workout was about 818lb heavier in total volume than last week, so I am very excited with the progression. My last five rep was about 50lb heavier than last weeks, and my top single was 53lb more than last week. Hopefully next week will bring the same gains, and then I will already be within striking distance of a 600lb+ squat. I am very excited to see the progress this early in my training.

Sumo Deadlift- first let’s address that this is not a cheat lift. If it were truly easier, everyone in powerlifting would use it. I am over 100lb stronger at conventional deadlift. The main reason that I am sumo deadlifting is to encourage hip health and to work on my weakness. Mobility is good, but you need to make a joint stronger if you want it to get healthy.

Sumo Deadlifts actually hurt me just to warm up, and then my hips start to loosen up during the heavy sets. I am writing this at 6am in the morning, and I can say that my hips feel much better today. Of course the word “feel” is very subjective, so let me put in a way that may substantiate my claim. Normally my hips start to bother me the last couple of hours during my sleep at night. They didn’t interrupt my sleep at all last night. Uninterrupted sleep means better recovery, and that means the sumo deadlifts are working.

I hate working the sumo deadlift, but I know that I need to strengthen that position. I am excited to watch the progression as I actually focus on the lift for a few weeks. Of course my hope is that my hip mobility and strength improves over that time.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. You can keep up with my training videos on Instagram: ⇒ @coachtravismash

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