Thursday – January 5th, 2017

Oly Work

  • Kneeling Snatch 10×2 38kgs 1×2 40kgs 1×2 42kgs (PR double!)
  • Kneeling Strict Press 5×5 45kgs

Bro Session – Shoulders

  • DB Shoulder Press with 5 sec Eccentric 5×5 30lbs
  • Lateral Raises 3×10 w/ 5 sec Eccentrics 10lbs + Dumbbell Cleans 3×10
  • Lateral plate raises 5×10 10lbs


  •  1 leg squats 5×10 25lbs
  • Glute Bridges with band around knees 5×15 30lbs

I added slow eccentrics to some of my bodybuilding work this week. Mainly to switch it up from getting to boring, and to really try to pack on some muscle. If I’m stuck bodybuilding for who knows how long, I might as well do it right and try to get as big as possible! Excited to see the results. My diet has been on point, and I’m actually feeling pretty strong!

I’m really surprised and proud of myself for how positive I’ve stayed a majority of the time through this process. I’m learning a lot about myself.  I’m learning how tough I am, learning a lot about my drive an motivation, and learning a lot about my discipline. I’m learning to enjoy the little things and focus on the positive. Take a step back and analyze yourself. What drives you? What’s your motivation? How dedicated are you to reaching your goals? What excuses are you making? Think about it.

Body weight: 63.3

Days until I can try to walk: 12

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