Thursday, January 25th, 2017 – Training Log (and Bench Press Shenanigans)

Yay for no squatting! Legs most definitely needed a break for the mayhem to come on Friday’s training day!

I was a little all over the place and changed up the chain set-up after I was already heavy and it did me in!

Speed Bench w/alternate grip (close grip) 5rm with 10% of 1rm in chains – I let the chains hang without doubling them to start. Worked my way to 135#/61k +chains and it felt easy. You even hear Morgan say something like, “You still warming up?”

It felt so easy, decided to jump 10# to 145#/66k +chains. I also decided to double the chains. You will see the difference in placement between the video above and the one below. Well, I’m not sure if that is what made it feel so heavy, but….let’s just say it was an epic fail on the third rep….make sure you have your volume on and watch to the end 😉

Went back down to 140#/63.6k +chains and managed 3 reps. I will spare you that video. I apparently exerted too much energy on my previous attempt. In hindsight, should have just went from 135# to 140#, but then I wouldn’t have been able to entertain you. LOL

ss this above with explosive clapping push-ups (focusing on height) for 5×5 then 3×3 with 60 seconds rest b/t first 5 sets and 90 seconds rest b/t last 3 sets. I’m sure this has something to do with the above. By the time I get heavy, there is really a blood pump going on in the arms!!

Accessory work:

  • KB bottom up Z press 3×8 each side – I had to use 15# again. In my garage, it goes from 15# to 26# and the difference is too much. I’m not yet able to stabilize that 26# KB.
  • Pull-ups 3 x submaximal – These were all double overhand and strict. Went 11/10/8.
  • Hang muscle snatch 3×5 – went up 5# from last week to 68#.

Something to note: last training cycle, I would wait until I was fully rested b/t my sets of pull-ups. This cycle, I am treating this section almost like a conditioning piece, so it is harder to maintain my reps on pull-ups. My goal for 2017 is 20 unbroken by the end of the year 🙂


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