Thursday Jan 26th – Saturday Jan 28th

I had a pretty fun week of training last week. It’s still super hard to be patient and keep the weights really light, but at least I’m back to doing what I love. Kinda. Working on staying positive and enjoying the process.


  • Muscle Snatches 5×4 25kgs
    • 1st time going from the floor. So that was cool
  • Strict Press 1×5 40kg, 1×5 43kg, 3×5 45kg, 1×10 40kg
  • Press in Split 5×5 25kg


  • Shoulder Bro session 8lbs 3 rounds
    • DB lateral raise x10 +
    • DB Front raise x10 +
    • DB clean and press x10
  • More Shoulders
    • Plate front raise 3×10 10kg +
    • Plate Lateral Raises 3×10 2.5kg
  • Lunges 100 reps


  • No Feet Power Snatch from Blocks 5×3 30kg
  • No Feet Power Clean from Blocks 8×5 35kgs
    • Coach Don let me go a bit heavier than previously planned, because he felt bad for me.
  • Kang Squats 5×8 15kg
  • Bottom of squat for 5min


I hadn’t been to the gym on a Saturday for a long time, so I decided to do a conditioning/work capacity circuit and just have some fun outside.

  • 5 Rounds
    • Bamboo Bar carries fwd/bkw 40lb KB’s
    • Farmers Carries 50Yard each side 50lbs
    • Tire Flips x12
    • Ball Slams x20
  • Blood restriction Lunges x50
  • Blood Restriction Split Squats 3×20 40lbs
    • Been doing some reading about blood flow restriction training, so I figured I’d give it a try. Definitely got a good pump from it.
  • 1 leg squats 5x8e
    • I wanted to keep my quad pump going. My left leg is definitely a lot stronger now than my left is, so I’ll be working to even them out during these next couple of weeks. I can do actual unassisted pistol squats on my left leg now, with ease (I’ve never actually been able to do this before) I guess spending 6 weeks on crutches really strengthened my leg. But I  still need a band to assist the squats on my left leg. This is mainly due to the limited dorsi flexion in my right ankle. I’ll get there.
  • 5 min squat stretch
  • Ankle mobility

Days until my next Doc Apt: 29

Body Weight: 61.9kgs

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