Thursday February 16, 2017

The grind continues and I’m hoping that big numbers will follow the added accessory work.

Jerk Recoveries: These are getting better every week. I still have a lot of work to do to make them “good” but progress is being made.

Worked up to 105kg 1×5, drop set 100kg for 1×5. All of my work up sets were triples.

Unilateral Farmer Walks: 3×40 yards each hand with 32kg

Around the Worlds: 3×8 each way 10kg


KB Swings: 3×8 32kg

T- spine flexion and extension on GHD: 3×10

Reaching Planks: 3×1 minute

Lateral Raises: 3×10

Box Jumps: 4×5 Somehow this turned into a competition between John and Frank to see who could clear the box standing the farthest away from the box. John won in the end, but both of those guys have some very impressive hops.

Single Leg Jumps on a Plate: 3x10e These were all about moving fast. I think next week I’m going to do some plyometrics on the Vertimax that also work on rate of force development.

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