Thursday – Feb 9th, 2016

Week 10 Post Ankle Surgery

It was definitely a Thursday. Gym was pretty empty, and the people who did come train were quick in and quick out. I’m pretty sure this is a result of the fact that many of them are programmed to get to go heavy for Max Out Friday. That being said, I didn’t do too much, and didn’t really feel as though I needed to do much either. Sometimes it’s good to have a down day.

  • Push Press 5×5 40kgs
    • This is the 1st time adding push presses back in. Although I did them lighter than I’ve been doing my strict presses, it was nice to feel semi explosive.
  • Presses in the split position 5×5 40kgs
  • Hyper Extensions 3×10+10s hold +
    • hip extensions 3×10

That’s it, nice quick session in the gym.

Days until my next doc appointment: 19

Bodyweight: 62.2


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