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Thoughts to Live By

Zach Even

Just some random thoughts with absolute zero sakes running through my mind lately.

– People are “facebooked out”.

What does that mean?

It means they spend so much time on facebook seeing what everyone else is doing, commenting on stupid shyt, that they don’t know how to learn like they used to from other blogs.

They prefer to pay attention to things that last as fast as you can swipe a finger across their phone.

– People keep telling me “I’m Busy”.

This goes back to being “facebooked out”. They spend countless hours every day on facebook that they actually think they are working. Being busy and working are 2 different things.

People who have told me about money problems I see are the same people who are always on facebook, day and night.
I guess people don’t believe in working for money? Would people rather be broke and struggling financially while spending more time on facebook?
This blows my mind.

– Hard Work is F**ing AWESOME.
Hard Work is one of the best feelings on earth. There are many people who are into that concept and unfortunately, probably more people who are NOT into working hard to achieve whatever it is they want.

Zach Even-Esh

– “Marketers ruin everything” – Gary Vaynerchuk I believe said that. Perhaps we as marketers ruined the hard work thing because the most popular / best selling fitness programs tend to promote short cuts around the work.

– Steven Pressfield, The War of Art, Turning Pro & DO The Work – It took 10 years for Pressfield’s book, The War of Art, to become a best seller.

This Book is F**ING AWESOME. It’s a Mindset. Change your mind & Change Your Life. Period.
This Book is F**ING AWESOME. It’s a Mindset.
Change your mind & Change Your Life. Period.

THAT gives me hope. That book is all about being a Bad Mother Trucker and crushing your work, crushing the excuses and making shyt happen.

That shows me that down the road, someday, people are going to LOVE something that pushes them to DO THE WORK.
It inspires me to NOT give up on preaching work ethic, intensity and attacking you goals with passion.

– I wonder…..
Are people overwhelmed with information? I feel like they can’t keep up with the work I put out there.
Or, they are caught up watching entertainment that keeps them stuck in place in life instead of moving onward and upward.

I have NO clue but when people tell me they’re too busy to read an e mail from me (2-3 minutes of your time) it shows me people are either delusional or caught in some sort of a mind trap where they can’t get out of their own way.

– Entertain VS Educate?
Who are the most under paid people and who are the most over paid people?
The argument, is often teachers and actors.

What do people want? Most want to be entertained. They want to watch passively instead of DOING the Work, getting their hands dirty and clawing their way up the mountain. I want to change that attitude but perhaps I should let it be.

Perhaps this is the “Human food chain” as I’ve discussed HERE.

From Pressfield’s book, The War of Art. Everything we do is “Art”. This book is a must have for All.
From Pressfield’s book, The War of Art. Everything we do is “Art”.
This book is a must have for All.

The REAL power in your life comes when you DO the work.
My own gut instincts drive me to inspire people to get out there and kick ass and take names, in the gym and in life. I’m not a fucking actor and so you will never see that from me in my videos. I build young athletes into Bad Ass Gladiators.

I push people to “do the work”. I can’t act to be anything else. I won’t be able to sleep at night.
I love intensity and love seeing what becomes of others when they get intense with their OWN work.
On the flip side, I learned that if I try to push MY attitude on others I will only be disappointed, kind of like a Sports Coach who constantly finds himself more motivated than his own athletes. He will always be disappointed.
Instead, I am learning the best thing to do is to simply be ME. Those who want to hop on board, will, those who do not, will not.

As Mark Bell says, “You’re either in, or you’re in the way!”

– Why don’t parents stand up when a Coach consistently has a losing team at the high school level?
Why don’t the kids DO something about it? Like TRAIN to get better and stop losing?
I F**ing HATE seeing a high school sports team losing year after year and no one does a damn thing about it. Not the Coach, not the administration, not the kids and not the parents.
I am shocked that people are immune to losing and it doesn’t fire them up.
Come on people! DO things to WIN!

– Winning is an “Internal Game”.
Do your best. Your HONEST best. It’s You vs YOU. Deep down, you know if you worked your ass off or not.
Every now and again I’ll share my random thoughts and rants.
Who knows, maybe it will fire some people up to get out there and do their OWN work.

Live The Code 365,

Underground Strength Coach and Learn 2 Lift Cert.

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