The William Bradley Story


This is from my friend William Bradley a 5’6″ 150lb Temple University! Get ready to be inspired!

William Bradley:

One of my earliest lessons that life/sports wasn’t fair, was when I got cut from my middle school football team when I was 13 years old. Not because I wasn’t good enough (practices showed that wasn’t true), but because the coaches thought I’d get hurt because of my size. I remember I thought it was the end of the world. I probably cried for 2 or 3 days straight. I couldn’t understand it. Truth be …told, I’ve NEVER not been above average from the first pickup football game I played in the backyard when I was 6 years old. I was the kid that the art teacher would get mad at, because all I would draw was football fields and use my Skittles as players drawing up plays…my friends used to get mad at me because all I wanted to do was throw the football…lol. Anyways, I think my mom called the coach and cussed him out or something because they let me back on the team. When I got an opportunity in the game, I broke out for a 60 or 70 yard TD run that got me the “Play of the Week” award you see in the picture. From that team I was one of 2 people Richard Koonce being the other, to start on Division-IA football team in college. I did that at 5’5 150 lbs. That experience at 13 years old is a big part of what created the work ethic that got me as far as I was able to get in football and the person I am today. From that point on I knew if I wanted to reach my goals, that it was going to be harder for me than the next person because I didn’t fit the ideal stereotype. That’s why my demeanor was always in a “He looks like he’s ready kill somebody.” or “Why don’t you ever smile?” or “Why are you so serious all the time?” or this is my favorite one…”He looks so scary.” mode. That’s why you rarely saw me in a college party, or social settings, and never saw me wasting my money in a club on alcohol. I’ve been in one club in my life, and I was so uncomfortable I was ready to leave within the first 5 minutes. That’s why they used to FORCE me to leave the football facility a lot at Temple. My man Christian Dunbar used to say “If you want to kill William Bradley, he’s the easiest man in America to find.” I had to be that way do the impossible. This is why I’m good at what I do. I am able to impart my work ethic and expectation for perfection upon my athletes, and mentor them on the pitfalls of the challenges ahead of them.

Travis Mash and Angela Dell’Aglio Stoner always urge me to tell my story because I don’t talk about it much, so I figured I’d oblige this one time

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