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Below is a blog about the rebirth of Mash Elite Performance. It’s all about change, and what should accompany change. It’s perfect as we all make plans and goals for 2015, but first here are a few reminders:

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Yesterday we began the remodeling of the Mash Compound. As I gazed around the room, I realized that it was much more than a remodeling of the building. I was actually a rebirth of something new, something yet to be defined. Inside of me there are definitely mixed emotions, but I have come to know that all things change. Nothing ever really stays the same. It is either getting better or worse. I believe that the rebirth of Mash is a sign of it getting better.

On Thanksgiving Day, I found myself in a hot tub full of my athletes. Some of them were from the Original Mash Elite Performance and some of them were from the new school of things. It was so interesting for me to hear the thoughts and feelings of each. It was warming to hear that the very heart of what we founded the compound on is what attracted the new era of athletes. Caleb, one of my very first Mash Athletes, was among the group. He told me some things that cut deep into my heart.

Caleb told me that Mash Elite Performance was a place that helped him be confident in the person that God had made him. He was taught that through hard work almost anything is possible. He was drawn to the family that was being formed. In the beginning, we actually did everything together. We fellowshipped every Friday Night at a local restaurant called Chang Thai. Every Friday 30-50 of us would gather at this fantastic restaurant and call it Chang Thai Friday Night. Afterwards we would gather back at the Compound to simply hang out and do life together. It was awesome! It was wholesome!


This past year, we opened up our philosophies and training principles to the world. Over the past two years, we have had some of the best athletes in the world enter the doors of our facility. We have had some of the best football players, basketball players, weightlifters, powerlifters, soccer players, softball players, and CrossFitters in the whole world. We also have some of the best up and coming of each. The success of our athletes has drawn others from around the world to come train with us. We have and have had athletes from: Australia, England, Scotland, Canada, and Ireland train with us at the Compound. Athletes from all over the United States have moved to train with us. We have had athletes from Alaska, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and farther to train with us.

Why do they come? This is a question that I ask myself a lot. Yah, I believe that our training protocols are some of the best around, but I am not the only rodeo around. I believe that people are drawn to our Family as much or more than the coaching. They want to be a part of something special. People want a purpose, and at Mash Elite Performance they are given one. Most of us live to help each other. We all have our own goals, but we want to help each other obtain their own specific goals. This is why when one of us wins we all win! It’s a special thing to be a part of it. These guys bust their butts to help me reach my goals. Sometimes the coach is getting coached, and I am OK with that.

Through all of this, some of the changes have not all been wise. I have made mistakes, and at times I have been swayed from the path that God has set for me. Luckily God has graced me with an amazing wife and friends that aren’t afraid to steer me straight when I veer from that path. We all need those people in our lives that love us enough to be honest. One of those people was Lisa G. Most of you know that Lisa G was one of my dear friends that passed away this year. Her loss was one that I took very hard. She was one of my originals, and she was the one that would always let me know when I was messing up. The way she would do it would always be filled with love, so accepting her criticism was always an easy task.


Her loss was a very altering loss to the Mash Compound, and her loss will always be felt in all of our hearts. That loss along with some other not so good things at the gym really threw me off course this past year. My wife, my Mash Friends, my God, and the birth of my son, Rock has all aided in the rebirth.

You could say that Mash Elite Performance is like a Phoenix. We have been reborn from the ashes, but there is one big difference. We are not the same bird. We are something different, more beautiful, and better. My desire to provide the best service to our clients and athletes has never been greater than right now. It’s just time to redefine things a bit.

When I was brought on to help coach team MuscleDriver USA, I immediately went in search of the perfect Coach form Mash Elite Performance. I found Coach Dylan Parkes by the Grace of God. Dylan sparked my interest because not only did he have the normal basic certification, but he had taken it upon himself to get Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Strength Coach Certification and my own. That let me know that he was hungry to learn, and that is the biggest trait that I look for in a coach. Oh yah, as all of you Barbell Life listeners know, he is a Duke University alumnus, so he is kind of smart. His desire for knowledge trumps everything though.

A healthy thirst for knowledge ensures that a coach will always be on the outlook for the newest and best information to pass on to their clients. This is what I expect, and that is what Dylan delivers. When it comes to nutrition, he totally beats me. The two of us together makes for a perfect scenario. Dylan brings a newfound energy to the place that simply lights the room, and my athletes are feeling the difference.

There are many more changes that have either been implemented or will be shortly including:

• Remodeling that will add space, be easier to clean, and more efficient
• Exercises addressing structural imbalances which aids in: injury prevention, increases in overall athleticism, and greater strength
• New equipment for speed, strength, cardiovascular, and general conditioning brought to you all by MDUSA
• Programming changes that will be much more individualized based on the sport and the individual athlete
• A renewed Family atmosphere

Chuck will be aiding Dylan and the Mash Gang to implement these changes as quickly as possible. Chuck has been a breath of fresh air for us all including me. He keeps me focused, and isn’t afraid to tell me when I sway. He is also the heart behind our new podcast Barbell Life. It was his vision, and he is the one responsible for all the great guests that we have procured. Chuck is also the den mom at the Muscle Hut that makes sure all my athletes are safe. Chuck is pretty much the glue!

I am excited for 2015. I am excited to bring all of my Mash Mafia Online Family as much quality information as possible through Barbell Life,, YouTube, social media, and my blog. The difference is that the staff at Mash Elite Performance is ready to continue making our facility the Premiere Training Facility in North Carolina. We are ready to continue churning out some of the best athletes in the world. The tradition will not only continue, it will be redefined. I have never been more excited!

For a lot of you this new era of the Internet and social media means that your life/business has either been or should be adapting. Change can be scary no doubt! It has been for me. Here are some things to remember about change:

• In life things are either getting better or worse, nothing remains the same
• Embrace well thought out change
• Be weary of emotional change
• Great things only come with great risk

I am busy planning for 2015, and I hope that you are too. Diligent planning and prayer should closely accompany risk and change. I am not one to say go galloping into the unknown without thinking about where you are galloping. If your life isn’t fulfilling, change it, but consider that change carefully. Dream it, write it down, make a plan, commit, and then go for it.

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