The Power of Numbers

Most all of you know my incredible athlete, Adee Zukier. Here she is talking about a phenomenon that we all deal with. Numbers! Maybe she can give you some insight that will allow you to overcome this villain. Adee and Hayden, the Working Against Gravity crew, and I are bringing you the awesome online program and team, Eat What You Want, Lift What You Want. For more information, click on the link below:

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Enjoy “The Power of Numbers”:


This week in training I realized how powerful a number could be. For weightlifters numbers are everything. Training involves chasing every kilo in search of that next PR to validate all of the hard work. The higher the number on the bar, the better we are as athletes.

I know I am not alone when I talk about that training session where you feel great, the weight is flying, and your movement is just clicking. Then, the bar adds up to “that number” and it all falls apart. Technique changes, and you just can’t get it together. It feels as if there is a constant battle between mind and body and finding a way for them to simply communicate is impossible.

It amazes me how that darn number can do so many things to me. A number will make my heart race. A number will excite me. A number will make me proud. A number will terrify me. Sometimes, a number will make or ruin my day, week, or month.

Let’s take the power back. Forget the number. Whether it’s the number on the scale, the number on a paycheck, or the number on that bar, it is my lifelong objective to make that number powerless. How? Instead of speaking its name let’s speak about how we feel. “I feel fast and strong, productive and efficient, lean and beautiful”. If those are the thoughts rushing through our minds then the number no longer has any power.

What does 70 or 80 or 100 mean anyways? Nothing.

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