The Mash System

The Mash System

“The Mash System” has dropped: ==>

I have been waiting to drop this book for over a year, but it took me this entire year to perfect my system. It has taken me over thirty years to put together all of my methods into one system. My wife might be the real artist in the family, but this is my masterpiece. I have worked my whole life to develop this system. I have read books, researched principles, met with other coaches, perfected in my own training, and continued to perfect on the thousands of people that I have coached.

This book contains exact 12-week programs that I use for my weightlifters, powerlifters, SuperTotal competitors, Strength and Conditioning athletes, and for my functional fitness/MashFit athletes. Not only does it have the programs, but it lists and explains every method used in my system.

I also point out where each element and method is used within the different programs. My goal is to not only give you the programs, but I want to teach you how it works. The goal is to pass on the system, so that one of you can make a better one someday.

Here’s a list of methods and elements that we use in our system:

• Post Activation Potentiation
• Maximum Effort Method
• Velocity Based Days
• Repetition Method
• Undulating Periodization
• Pendulum Waves
• Prilepin’s Chart
• Conjugate method
• Work Capacity
• General Physical Preparedness
• Muscular Balance and Accessory Work
• Compensatory Acceleration
• Accommodating Resistance

I can’t wait to release this book. I am not sure how many pages it will be in an e-book, but it’s 230 pages on the word document that I used to type it out. I packed this book with information and programs. I want all of you to love it.

You guys will also get:

• 12-Week Weightlifting Program
• 12-Week Powerlifting Program
• 12-Week SuperTotal Program
• 12-Week Strength and Conditioning Program
• 12-Week Functional Fitness/MashFit Program
• Conditioning That Won’t Kill the Gains Section

These are the same workouts that I used to:

1. Put 19kg on Jordan Cantrell’s Olympic Weightlifting Total in 12-weeks to get him on the World Team
2. To prepare Tommy Bohanon to start at Fullback for Jacksonville Jaguars
3. To help Alexander Williams set Junior World Records in Powerlifting
4. To get Ryan Grimsland to the 21st best teenage CrossFitter in the World
5. To create the country’s strongest 14-year-old Morgan McCullough (150kg/330lb Clean & Jerk and 475lb Back Squat)

I hope you guys enjoy the book.

Grab it now at its special launch price of only $39: ==>

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