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Today on the way home from MuscleDriver USA, I listened to my favorite podcast, Barbell Business. Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson, and their guest was Zach Even-Esh. The title was “Running a Profitable Business You Love”. To say that it was motivational is an understatement. All three of these guys are my friends, and hanging around them has changed my life. Here is why!

The podcast started talking about the importance of investing in one’s education for the benefit of business. Zach started talking about his passion for “Master Minds” which are small seminars that are comprised of fellow entrepreneurs that share with each other their experiences and ideas. The goal is to come away with new ideas and action plans.

Every time that I have been around the Barbell Shrugged guys and Zach, it is like one big Master Mind. We all just sit around throwing out our ideas, and talking about what we have going on. I have never been around those guys without coming up with a new idea that paid off big. It’s never a planned thing. When you put a bunch of next level guys in the same room, next level things simply start to form. If you don’t invest in your education, don’t expect to grow your business. The more you learn, the more you can apply.

Then Zach asked Mike and Doug what was the one thing that they learned from the Master Minds that they attended this year that stood out the most. Doug’s answer was life changing to me. Doug’s answer was surrounding himself with so many successful people made success seem attainable. He referenced West Side Barbell. When you are at West Side, there are about a dozen guys squatting over 800lbs. It makes squatting 800lbs seem not so far away.

This principle seems to fit all aspects of life. If you want to Snatch 150k and Clean & Jerk 180k, then you need to hang around people who do that and more. If you want to be the best football player in the United States, then you need to hang around guys that can ball out. If you want to be a millionaire, hang around guys that make 10 million per year. You will find that they are just people like you that have simply been wise enough to have good ideas, and more importantly are guys that have been brave enough to pull the trigger.

The other thing that Doug learned is that most successful people have failed many times, but they never let failure stop them from taking their next leap. Truly successful people know that failure will be far outweighed with one big idea or success that lands. The key is to learn from failures, and each time make wiser decisions. The same can be said for sports. Michael Jordan to hundreds of game winning shots that he missed, but people only remember the ones that he made.

I have watched all of my young athletes play countless amounts of games. The people that I train are high level, so I watch these young adults going all out on the field of battle. I watch them make mistakes, but I watch them improve each and every game. I watch them make wiser decisions, but they learned those wise decisions by making bad ones. The one common bond that all of my great ones have is that they never get afraid to attempt big plays or big attempts. I believe that success is like any other characteristic. It can be learned if people are willing to make changes.

One big key is not let people influence you who have never accomplished what you are after. Too many times, people who are not capable of thinking outside the box, try to influence people. They will be negative, but it’s only because they don’t get it. It’s not their fault. The key is to remember that, and only take advice from people who can think big.

Here are the keys:

• If you want to be successful, surround yourself with people that are successful in the area of your interest.
• Don’t be afraid of mistakes just be wise enough to learn from them.
• People that aren’t successful do not influence successful people.
• Don’t ask advice of people that haven’t accomplished what you are after.


This blog pertains to all aspects of life. Simply put, if you want to be successful, then surround yourself with successful people. If you are hanging out with people that are negative, stop hanging out with them. Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to hang out with the most successful people in my industry. Most of it has been dumb luck. The key to the relationship lasting is that I sincerely care about people, and that leads to them caring about me. Guys, people naturally care about people that care about them. If you don’t have that natural ability, I suggest working on it. Start by caring about the ones that you love. I love my wife, which makes me in turn listen to what she has to say. I love her and respect her. When she sees that respect radiate from my very pores, she becomes loving and respectful right back. So start at home!

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