Sunday – Feb 6th, 2017

I didn’t train on Saturday, which made me feel like a lazy bum. So I decided to go into the gym on Sunday to get in some conditioning and bodybuilding. It’s nice sometimes to go to the gym when no one is there, you can just put your head down and work, and not have to worry about talking to anyone. No cares in the world, just work.


  • 5000M Row (about 23:00 min)
    • Nice even pace, felt good to sweat

Building them quadsss

  • Blood Flow Restriction Split Squats 3x20e 40lbs
  • Banded Leg Extensions 3x30e

Bro Session – Shoulders

  • Alternating DB Shoulder press 5x3e 40lbs
  • Lateral Raises 5×5 15lbs +
    • Dumbbell Clean and Press 5×5 15lbs

Days Until my Next Doc Apt: 22

Body Weight: 63.2



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