Squatting Every Day has Evolved

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Squatting Every Day has Evolved

Over the last year the “Mash Squat Every Day” Program has been used with thousands of athletes. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. The best part about using the program with so many athletes is that it becomes one massive research program. Due to the feedback received, the documented results, and the overall data collection we have made changes that has allowed the program to evolve light years over the last year.

Over the last couple of years we have become quite famous for the strength gains realized by so many of our athletes. The original version was highly influenced by my friends John Broz and Cory Gregory. It started out as an experiment on myself. After I experienced the best gains in over a decade, I was sold. At 43-years old, I was able to:

• Back Squat 295k/650lb
• Snatch 135k/297lb
• Clean and Jerk 166k/365lb
• Bench Press 184k/405lb
• Deadlift 318k/700lb
• Clean 170k/374lb
• Jerk off Blocks 182k/400lb
• Front Squat 242k/532lb


Not only did I crush maxes that I hadn’t seen in over 12-years, but I was able to move better and my hips stopped hurting. My body was adapting to the daily stimulus in a very positive way. At first, I was totally confused by the results and especially the way by body was feeling. All it took was a little thinking on my part, and then the answer was clear.

The frequency was causing my body to become more efficient at the movement. The efficiency in movement caused my body to improve overall in the movement department. The better movement caused my body to feel and perform better.

The original “Mash Squat Every Day Program” was low volume, high intensity, and high frequency. This program worked well for me. However my question was, “Could it be better for others?” Of course it could be better. Things can always be improved, so I set out to improve them.

Here’s the thing. People fit into one of three categories:

1. High frequency, low volume, high intensity

2. High frequency, moderate but waved volume, waved intensity

3. High frequency, high but waved volume, waved intensity

All of my programs are well thought out, so my athletes saw results from all the programs. However each of them performed better at one of the three program types. Once we identified the program fit, we stayed with that type of program and simply made small volume and conjugate changes. The results have been amazing.

You guys are familiar with the first program, so I am going to talk about the other two:

1. Version 2 (High frequency, moderate but waved volume, and waved intensity) We still squatted every day, but we noticed a lot of younger athletes and our female athletes simply needed a little more volume. We used daily undulating periodization to keep the intensity high at least one day per week, but focused on some hypertrophy and strength work during the first block.

2. Version 3 (High frequency, high but waved volume, and waved intensity) this program is great for building that base of muscle mass for newer lifters or for hard gainers. This program is going to be bombarding stimulus to your muscles. The key here was programming recovery squat days with a focus on recovery and movement only. This program definitely triggered some major gains for people that were struggling to make gains.

Programming is the strength coach’s art. A blank excel sheet is my canvas. There are guiding scientific principles, and then it’s knowledge of the athlete and imagination. My wife and I used to go to her art studio together. She would create amazing pieces, and I would study, write programs, or write about programming. My finished piece is the athlete’s performance on the platform, or their personal records in the gym. Writing a program that stimulates a response for the human body to get stronger, bigger, or perform better is a beautiful piece of art in my opinion.

My wife continues to study and take classes to improve her abilities as an artist. I continue to study and research to improve my abilities as a coach. You should do the same. Your athlete’s performance is your art. It’s a sculpture that is never complete. You owe it to your athletes to always be improving.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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