Squat Every Day Recovery

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Squat Every Day Recovery


I talk about squatting every day quite a bit, but I guess that I just fell in love with it. At 42-years-old it has given me my athleticism back, and that’s a little like turning back the clock. My podcast co-host and partner Loren is always telling me to talk more about “recovery”, but I always seem to skip it. Probably because I don’t think that recovery is sexy. However, it is necessary.

First I am going to define recovery in my own terms. When I talk about recovery, I am talking about anything that you do that allows you to train longer without injury. I am also talking about anything that helps your body repair itself after hard bouts of training. The key to being a great strength athlete is staying in the game the longest without any major setback or injury.

“The Mash Squat Every Day Program” has quite a bit of recovery built into the program, so that is a great place to start. Here are some of the built in recovery methods:

1. Lunges- Cory Gregory calls this Lunge University. The goal is very high rep bodyweight walking lunges. Studies have shown that ligaments and tendons strengthen at a much higher rate with very high reps. If you are getting a stronger one rep max with your squats, you might find that your knees are starting to ache. Now that I have started doing the lunges, I have noticed less pain in my hips and knees. It’s much easier to hit big squats when you are not aching.

2. Muscular Imbalance Work- my friend Zach Greenwald is the one that brought this to my attention. He is very precise when prescribing exercises. I have simply suggested exercises that will balance out the typical weightlifting or powerlifting program. Basically you need to push and pull in all directions allowed by the scapula to maintain a stable shoulder. I also like to Squat and Pull relatively the same.

Are there going to be some imbalances? Yes unless you are superman. The goal is to balance your body as closely as possible. The key is to add in this volume wisely, and don’t just try to overload the body.

3. Targeted Mobility- I don’t do hour-long mobility sessions, but I do target my hips. Why? Because my hips are terrible! Do I spend hours on the ankles? Absolutely not, my ankles are super mobile. Optimal mobility is the key.

Outside of my program, I have found the forms of recovery that work best for me. The fact that I spent countless hours dialing this in is the very reason that I can still lift heavy weights at 42-years-old. Put the time in!

Here is what works for me:

1. Dr. Gray- Dr. Gray is my magical Chiropractor. Without him there wouldn’t have been any world records or championships. It took me an entire year to find him. I basically gave tryouts to all the practitioners in my area, and when the smoke cleared, Dr. Gray was left standing.

He specializes in: Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Acupuncture, K-Laser, and so much more. The guy is on the constant search for knowledge. He is the exact person that you need.

2. Epsom Salt Baths- you know, I really don’t know the science, but they work. Nothing calms hip and back pain like a hot bat with some amazing salts.

3. Nutrition- this is one factor that has gotten more dialed in the older that I have gotten. If I consume a lot of foods that are inflammatory in nature, you can guarantee that movement will be restricted. I will also start to ache all over. I am not paleo, and I am not gluten free. I just make wise decisions. Well honestly, my wife makes the decisions for me.

Here is an easy way to see if your body uses the foods that you eat efficiently. The next time that you eat a meal, wait 30 minutes and see how you feel. Make not if you feel more energetic, or if you feel more lethargic. If you get more energy, then you are using that food more efficiently. There are a ton of blood tests out there that will make this process a lot easier.

I am going to start working on more recovery ideas for all of you. I am going to do some new research, and I will keep you all updated. For now, train smart and remember that this thing is a marathon not a sprint.

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