Simple Strategy to Grow Your Business

Simple Strategy to Grow Your Business

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Growing your gym is something that we all need to do. However, most of us love coaching, and that is all that we really like to do. The problem is that you have to market your business to keep the lights on. It’s that simple! Here is a strategy that will keep you doing what you love.

Let’s start with the “end in mind”, shout out to Steven Covey! Once per month host a Free Seminar at your facility. I recommend choosing varied topics. Keep track of the people that attend, so that you will see what topics people are drawn to. I suggest topics such as nutrition, weightlifting, powerlifting, weight loss, and strength & conditioning. These are the broad topics so now narrow it down. For example, under the nutrition topic do a seminar on supplements, or even more narrow “the use of creatine”.

You want the seminar to last about 1-2 hours, and then open it up for questions and answers. The key is to establish you as the expert in the area. If you find that most people are drawn to supplements, nutrition, and weight loss, then you might consider targeting the weight loss population. The key is to identify a very specific population to find out what you niche’ really is. People will probably be drawn to whatever you are the most passionate about.

While they are there, you will want to have each of them fill out a little survey. With that survey, you will want to acquire their name, address, email, phone #, and what they are looking for in a gym/box:

• Group fitness
• Personal Training
• Boot camp
• CrossFit
• Weightlifting
• Powerlifting
• Showers
• Daycare

This information will let you know if that person is a fit for your facility and culture. This is so important because you don’t want one person that will mess up the atmosphere for all of your existing members. You will also find out if there is a big group that are looking for that one thing that you don’t have like a shower or daycare. You might find that it is more economical to build a shower.

The biggest key to this whole plan is getting people to show up to the Free Seminar. Believe it or not, people will not flood to your facility just because you are putting on a Free Seminar. People have to first find out about it. Some gym owners actually think that the Universe orbits around them. FYI it doesn’t! People do not just surf the Internet looking for Free Seminars in your area.

You have to let, as many people know as possible. Here are some cool ways of letting people know about it:

• #1 is your current members! Have them invite their friends and family. Host a party after the seminar for the members and their invites to hang out. This is a great way to build your facility with the same culture.
• Facebook! You will need a business page if you don’t already have one. Post the Free Seminar periodically on your personal page tagging key members and friends. Post it on your Business Page, and pay to boost the post. Set a budget, stick to it, and use it. I suggest starting with $100 per month, and track the progress.
• Develop a database of people and organizations that you want to target. For example, if strength and conditioning is your thing target high school coaches and travel coaches. Then you will want to send them an invite over email, and follow that up with a phone call. During the phone call, ask them for a 5-minute appointment to tell them more about the FREE Seminar. If you get the appointment, 70% is accomplished because now they know you. The Free Seminar simply gives you a reason to email them, call them, and to meet them. If they come to the seminar, then you are set.
• There is also the obvious social media routes Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
• I would also try the old guerilla techniques like giving out fliers to all the businesses within a 3-mile radius.

The key is to track where the attendees found out about the seminar, so you will know what types of marketing is working. All the ideas that I mentioned above are Free except Facebook Ads, so it fits the budget of any start up facility. The key is getting out there and doing the work.

Obviously, at the seminar you will want to give the attendees a reason to join that day like a discount, free month, or free personal training. You will have them present, motivated, and blown away, so that is the time to help them make a decision for Fitness. Having the little party after the seminar will be key for taking their walls down, letting them get to know the other members, and letting them see that your facility is different than all the rest.

I hope that this article gives you a little direction that will help you grow your business. Right now the most exciting thing that I am working on is a Mash Mafia Affiliate Program. I am going to offer:

• Mash Elite Coaching Certification
• Programming
• Branding (banner, logo use, etc)
• Affiliate Page on Mash Elite Website with website, info, and location
• Ability to publish articles on Mash Elite Website
• Secret Facebook Group to communicate with Mash Elite Coaches, athletes, and other affiliates
• Access to “at risk” program, strategy, and implementation
• Growth Strategies (marketing, social media, advertising, and retention)
• Recruiting strategies for athletes and “at risk”
• Identifying potential top level international and National athletes
• Tax Benefits of supporting a 501c3
• Quarterly updates, feedback, and input

If you are interested, email me at

Good-luck growing your business and making this world a little healthier!

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