Saturday February 11, 2017 Late Night Mash Method

I trained late after work today, so I was happy with how the session went. This session was my first taste of the Mash Method and it worked just like Travis said it would. I did a super set with the two biggest lifts of the session because like I said it was a late session.

Back Squats: Alternating between a set of 3 and a set of 10.

120×3, 90×10, 125×3, 95×10, 130×3, 100×10


Strict Press: Alternating between a set of 3 and a set of 10.

48×3, 36×10, 50×3, 40×10, 54×2, 40×10


I knocked out all twelve sets including the warm-up in around 30 minutes.


Deficit RDL’s: 3×8 at 60kg

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