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We just launched our newest book and that means this week on the Barbell Life I’ll be answering your questions that you have submitted to us.  We had some really good ones about bench pressing, motivation, recovery and overtraining.


From all the training and programming related questions you’ve been submitting, I suggest you take a look some of our program samplers, particularly the latest one, Volume III. We’re doing things a little differently this time. None of the programs are written by me. Instead, they were all donated by my friends. Yes, they are my friends and they also happen to be some of the best strength and conditioning coaches and experts in the field. There are programs from Layne Norton, PhD, Joe Kenn of the Carolina Panthers, Zach Even-Esh, Greg Nuckols, Andy Galpin, PhD, and Sean Waxman.

This new book is a great opportunity for you to learn from these men and train as if you were there athlete. Plus all the proceeds will be going to support our non-profit team. So it’s for a great cause.

Grab the Sampler now while it’s at the special launch price.

Six of the Greatest Minds in Strength & Conditioning in One Book


Some of the greatest coaches in the industry have collaborated with the Mash Mafia to bring you a sampler of programs that packs a punch. Take a peek inside the minds of these experts so that you can take your knowledge and performance to a new level.

Thanks and enjoy today’s show.



  • How not to send the bar forward in the jerk
  • Being explosive off the chest during the bench press
  • Busting through plateaus in bench and squat.
  • Deloading and do you even need to?
  • Finding the motivation to train.
  • Overtraining and why it’s totally a real thing.
  • and more

If you have a question you’d like us to answer on the show, email us at

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