Pyrros Dimas is Great for American Weightlifting

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Pyrros Dimas is Great for American Weightlifting

Earlier this week I had the honor of coaching at the Senior Pan American Championships in Miami, FL. The Head Coach was USA Weightlifting’s newest employee, Pyrros Dimas. For anyone that doesn’t know, Pyrros is a three-time Gold Medalist in the Olympics. Not only is he one of the greatest weightlifters of all-time, but also he is arguably one of the greatest athletes of all-time with his unique ability to lift almost any weight necessary to win. He’s a winner, and that’s why America needs him.

Mike Gattone is the assistant technical director, and he is another great hire by USA Weightlifting. He was telling me about Pyrros’s intense desire to win. Team USA had one bomb out at this competition, and Pyrros was furious. I am not saying that he was furious at the athlete. He was furious at the situation. Team USA had expectations of winning Pan Ams for the first time in a very long time. The bomb out cost the women any chance of winning, and Pyrros was crushed. He doesn’t place blame. He just figures out what we as a team could have done better.

This attitude is what America has needed for years. This desire to win at all levels has been missing for some time. An acceptance of mediocrity can become contagious, and I believe that it had. Pyrros is use to winning. I don’t believe that he is going to be a part of a program that doesn’t win. We didn’t win the Pan American Championships, but the Men’s Team did take home Silver. We won more medals than ever in American history, so that’s a great start for this Olympic Quad.

Let me give you an example of Pyrros’s desire to be the best. We were talking about his career. He didn’t talk about the three Olympic Gold Medals or the World Championships. He talked about what he could have done better. That actually blew me away. I mean here’s a man that won three Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal in the Olympics. No one has ever done better than that, and he’s talking about what he could have done better. For the record he said that he squatted too heavy too often. He believes that he should have focused on the competition lifts more often.

Personally I believe that his program was pretty solid based on the results, but it was amazing to hear someone that good picking his own training apart. America has hit the jackpot with acquiring this man. Does that mean we will win the World Championships this year. I am not sure about that, but I have no doubts that we will be improving each and every year. There’s a lot that needs to change:

• Recruiting
• Education about the sport leading to better recruiting
• Mindset
• Organization of our non-centralized program
• More funding improvements

Phil Andrew, USAW CEO, has already made some major improvements. The hiring of Pyrros Dimas was one of the biggest improvements. I just want to see USA Weightlifting dominating at an International level. We are now producing champions here and there, and I want to see that catch fire with the rest of us. I am proud to be a part of this organization, and I look forward to the future.

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