Pulling Power

Pulling power is like the squat. You attack it if it is a weakness! I prefer that my athletes have the ability to perform a strict Clean Position Deadlift with at least 30% more than their max clean. If they can’t, we target the pull until it’s not a problem. We have Jon North working on his pulls right now for several reasons: improve pull acceleration and to stabilize his scapula region during the pull. Here are a few ways to improve the pull and stabilization:

1. Paused at Knee Deadlifts: Isometrics are great for stabilization and punching through a sticking point. You can pause on the way up, the way down, or both. I vary the times with my volume waves. We are going through a paused Deadlift cycle right now that you can sign up for free at www.MashElite.com in the Jon North v. Rookies box.

2. Banded Deadlifts: We normally use the bands from a deficit, and we use regular Deadlifts, RDLs, and Clean Pulls. These are great for compensatory acceleration. Below is a video of Jon North, and you will see him using bands:

3. Overload off Boxes: we do this to simply get the CNS use to heavy weight. I would keep the bar at or below the knee, and I would keep the reps at 3-5.

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