#SquatEveryDay Pre-Competition Changes

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#SquatEveryDay Pre-Competition Changes


Last year I competed in my first ever Super Total Meet. I was in the best shape in over twelve years. I went 14 for 15, and I snatched 285lb, Clean & Jerked 365lb, Squatted 650lb, Standing Strict Pressed 255lb, and Deadlifted 675lb. I also had the time of my life competing in front of my wife and child.

Squat Every Day has changed the lives of thousands of people, and I am very grateful to have a small part in changing those lives. Below is the article I wrote about Pre-Competition Changes. Enjoy!

I am 4 weeks away from my Super Total Meet in Raleigh. I have made a few changes that I thought you guys might be interested in. I am making changes for a couple of reasons:

• To match personal/family goals
• Place focus on competition lifts
• Taper for meet

My wife, Emily Drew and I train together most Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at a secret Globo Gym. It is our training date, and we love it. However, I don’t want to do any more of my Back Squats, Benches, or Standing Presses there, so I moved things around.

me and drew

Now I will be doing Front Squat variations on the mornings with my wife. I will also perform some light auxiliary work, mobility work, and basic stretching on these mornings. Basically these workouts are designed to prime me for the evening sessions. I will perform my Olympic weightlifting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings along with my Overhead Squat work.

Tuesday and Thursday will be reserved for my Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Strict Press. I will also Bench Press on Saturdays sometimes. My heaviest Back Squat and Deadlift will be performed on Tuesday, and my heaviest Olympic weightlifting session will be on Friday. I want to space those two sessions as far apart as possible to optimize both days.

Here is an outline of what I will be doing for the next four weeks:

Squat Every Day Meet Prep

am session
Front Squat Paused with Belt, and -20% for 2 x3 not paused
Pull-ups and Rows
Mobility and Stretching

pm session
Overhead Squat Variation for warm-up
Snatch EMOMs
Clean & Jerk EMOMs
Heavy carries

Tuesday pm only
Back Squat max with and without chains, then -20% for 1×3
Strict Press max
Bench Press EMOM triples
Deadlift Max Effort

am session
Front Squat with Belt max, and -0% 1×3 no paused
Dips and KB High Pulls

pm session
Overhead Squat Variation to warm up
Snatch Block Work
Clean Block work
Jerk from Blocks

Thursday pm only
Back Squat paused
Bench Press max effort
Strict Press EMOM triples
Deadlift EMOMs

am session
Front Squat paused no belt
mobility and stretching
core work

pm session
Max Snatch
Max Clean & Jerk

Overhead Squat max effort
Bench Press rep work
Shoulder work and arms (pump day)
Heavy Carries

off except for mobility and stretching
I guess bodyweight squats lol
Next time, I will let you guys look at how I am going to handle the taper during the week of the meet.

I hope to see you all there!

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